Sibo diet

SIBO Can not be starved just with a diet, it must be killed and the cause needs to be addressed in order to heal. The element diet is an exception, it has shown some efficacy to starve out the overgrowth bacteria, because it is a therapeutic treatment and not a long term diet.

Feed the SIBO in order to kill it

You need to feed the SIBO in order to kill it, alive bacteria is much more sensitive to Antibiotics and easier to kill. It is important to eat lots of fermented foods during the treatment to keep the bacteria active for the antibiotics effectively take downs this buggers.

Your treatment can not be only focus on diet, the root cause needs to be fixes. Make sure you find a SIBO DOCTOR. (Naturopath Physician) that is special trained to deal with SIBO.

All this diets should only be used on a short term ( Fast tract, Low FODMAP, or SCD, because they the total bacteria load in the GI tract what can make you feel confortable for a period of time, this diets should not be used for longer then 3 month so you do not run the risk of creating new problems.

Long term use of this diets with SIBO:

  • Reductions of good bugs – Reducing bifidobacterium and total microbiota in the GI tract, this can lead to gut dysfunction, Bifidobacterium is essential for healthy microbiome.
  • Overfeeding 1 bacteria and starve the others.
  • Become malnourished. 
  • When you starve the bacteria, they start eating you, by eating the important immunological barrier in your gut.
  • Low carb and fruit diet can lead to Thyroid malfunction.

Finding the best diet for sibo treatment should be determined case by case, you need to find what is right for you and the treatment/protocol you following for SIBO.