The colon is the sanitary system of the body, and the place where waste material is stored; most of us would rather not or don’t think about it until our health becomes poor, or we feel constipated or have diarrhea. It is essential for the body to release this accumulated congestion for proper bowel movement.

During a Colon Hydrotherapy session, a small amount of water is allowed to flow gently into the colon. this stimulates the natural peristaltic movement of the colon, allowing for waste material to be released. Once all the water has been drained, another cycle is initiated where water is allowed back into the colon.
The clothing can be kept on and the client will wear special disposable pants to ensure modesty. The clients dignity is always maintained.

Our machine reduces not only the water flow but also the water pressure before it allowed to flow into the colon. This instrument does not allowed pressure build-up in the colon to exceed 2 psi. In other words the aquanet EC-2000 takes care of safety and is not dependent on the operator’s alertness and quick action to release excess pressure.

Following a colon hydrotherapy treatment, the instrument is thoroughly cleanse and disinfected with an effective germicidal solution. When the disinfection procedure is complete, the instrument is extensively rinsed with water, clearing germicidal solution from the machine. the Aquatenet-2000 is equipped with a built in dual disinfecting system that lets the operator disinfect the waste pathway and/or the complete internal unit. the instrument is equipped with check valves that prevent wast water from flowing back to the water supply. Disposable speculum and water line are used, eliminating risk of contamination.

Actually menstrual period is a good time to receive colonic treatment, because woman’s body is already cleansing itself. Flow will not affect the success of the colon hydrotherapy session.

Avoid eating or drink 2 hours before colonic treatment, keep a cheerful and positive attitude. (a full bladder can be uncomfortable)

Most people have a comfortable experience with colonics and report having increased energy after treatment.
some people may experience minor fatigue or nausea. The colon hydrotherapy procedurewill stir up old build-ups and toxins, If any discomfort takes place, it is recommended to apply heating pad to the abdomen and rest. Peppermint tea or vegetable broth usually provides soothing effect at this time. Within 24 hours discomfort typically will pass.

We recommend to take acidophilus, but for a different reason. Colonics treatment does not wash out flora. Taking acidophilus and performing colon cleansing together helps to improve the bacterial balance in the colon. One of the best methods is to place the flora rectally the evening following your last colon hydrotherapy session, other choice is to use acidophilus for 2 weeks following the last therapy session.

You should be able to work just as you would after a usual bowel movement.

Yes, All of our Therapists are Certified.

Start with a colonic so by the time you go into your detox, you won’t have all this “stuff” sitting in your digestive system causing you discomfort.During your detox or water fast, all these things will start to soften. That is why I recommend doing a colon cleanse during and after your cleanse as well, to help remove what’s been released.

The whole point of doing a detox is cleaning EVERYTHING out and taking your health to the next level.