How Do I know I have Parasites


Parasite infection are more common than what you think. The gravity of parasitic infection varies based in many factors including the type of the parasite, person age, health and how long the infection has been there. Some times the infection can exist with no symptoms or minimal symptoms. Parasites can cause different symptoms.

Parasites may cause recognized signs and symptoms. Symptoms can develop with moderate or heavy infestation, sometimes progressing as the parasite travels through your body.

Some examples of parasite symptoms

  1. Stomach Pain
  2. Digestive Issues
  3. Anal Itching
  4. Fatigue
  5. Weight Loss
  6. Anxiety
  7. Teeth Grinding
  8. Anemia
  9. Skin Irritation
  10. Muscle Pain

1 – Stomach Pain

Normally stomach pain is one of the first symptoms when a person contracts parasites, specially those that afflict the intestines. Some of this parasites are in foods like red meat, if this meat is not handle properly or cooked properly, the organisms can enter the body through the stomach after ingestion. Some parasites spread from person to person through the air or skin contact. Contaminated waters can also be a source of contamination.

When the parasites enter the body, it begins to procreate and this can cause pain to increase or a feeling of bloating and uncomforted.

2 – Digestive issues

Parasites on your gastrointestinal tract can cause inflammation in the abdomen, they can create gas and indigestion. Parasites release byproducts that accumulate in the gut. Some parasites can block the passage of food, that can result in sharp pain, abdominal swelling, vomiting, and difficulty having a bowel movement.

3 – Anal Itching

Some type of parasites infection is itching around the anus. This itching gets worse during the night when most parasites lay eggs and are most active. 

4 – Fatigue

Parasites consume nutrients and mineral that your body needs to be healthy. Some parasites can also compromise your ability to absorb nutrients, impacting your overall health. This can leave you feeling exhausted and weak. Some people experience difficulty to sleep, mood swings, increased stress and anxiety.

5 – Weight Loss

Fighting the parasites infection takes extra energy, this extra calories and the nutrients the parasites are using from you, can lead to a weight loss with no apparent reason.

6 – Anxiety

Some of the parasite symptoms can affect happiness creating mood swings, irritability and anxiety.

7 – Teeth Grinding

This happens most often at night and is usually an unconscientious process.

8 – Anemia

Some parasites can consume the mineral from iron from foods, foods like meat, fish and some greens. Anemia can cause fatigue, weakness, pale skin, and other issues.

9 – Skin Irritation

Some people have allergic reaction to the parasites or the parasites can cause the skin to become irritated. Parasites produce toxins and waste products that are released locally on the skin where the parasite enters. The body immune response to the parasite can also create skin inflammation and irritation. The body may increase levels of eosinophils, this type of white blood cells increase with a parasitic infections and allergies. In severe cases these can cause hair and nails to stop growing.

10 – Muscle pain

Sometimes parasites can cause muscle pain. Some parasites can get into the muscled soft tissue. This can happen whit trichinosis infection, caused by eating meat that is not well cooked. This symptoms some times can be extended to joints , the inflammation and muscle stiffness may develop. This can challenge diagnostic because it is not the most common parasite symptoms, there are many other issues that can cause muscle pain.


The most common test are:

Ova Stool Test

Blood Test


The ova test can’t find pinworms parasites. It also can not detect blood, occular, skin or brain parasites infections.

Some but not all parasitic infections can be detected by testing your blood. However the blood test looks for specific parasites infection, there is no blood test that will test all parasites.

Endoscopy and Colonoscopy is good if the doctor spots a parasitic worm in your intestines. The doctor can then diagnose a parasite infection. Most parasites are microscopic and can not be seen without magnification or other methods.

The ova test, is the most accurate, however it can still miss some parasites.

If you highly suspect you have parasites even after a negative test, you probably have them.

There are lots of things your doctor or naturopathy can recommend to do, there are also several natural products like Mimosa Pudica that help expel them out of your body.

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