Rope Worms

Rope Worms

What are rope worms ?

It is a kind of a parasite not identified yet by a test or any scientific study, however many people with severe digestive issues passed them out after a cleanse, colon hydrotherapy or enema. They are a mystery, nobody real knows how they get inside of the human body, how it  infects it or where they come from.

Some claim they are mucoid plaque, others rope worms, candida  infection or a product of GMO combined with human intestinal cells and bacteria to form the rope worm. Whatever it is I think they are better out than in.

I would never believe it until someone in my family suffered from terrible bloating for very long time and no results with any kind of treatment. We start a cleanse with Mimosa Pudica in combination with very short colonics. On week 2 this big ropes start coming out.


Some can have 1m long, irregular cylindric shape or rope like, with terrible odour. Some studies say they can present 5 stages. The colour varies from black to white. This parasites produces gas bubbles inside of it channels and utilizes jet propulsion to move. They develop suction cups to attache to the intestinal wall. They twist like a corkscrew and can block the lumen of the intestine.


Stage 1 – Mucus

Stage 2 – Slimy viscous mucus with bubbles

Stage 3 – Branched jelly fish 

Stage 4 – Slimmer body them stage 5, looks like twisted fibres 

Stage 5 – rope look, can be 1m long, sometimes it looks like it has a had or a big cup



Bloating with pain



Difficulty in handle a colonic


Loss of appetite

Back pain

Muscle pain

Difficulty in concentrating




How to remove Rope Worms

Colon Hydrotherapy together with mimosa pudica and other intestinal moving herbs supported by a diet sugar free, wheat free to encourage the evacuation. Several variants can be done according to the stage. Mimosa Pudica can latch onto chemical toxins, heavy metals, parasites and harmful bacteria.