What is a Parasite

Parasites are creatures living inside of your body, draining your vital nutrients and leaving a trail of toxic waste that puts your health at risk.

They normally live attached to your intestines but they can travel around. They eat your nutrients, lay eggs, and leave toxins inside of your body.

Toxins Released by parasites

Parasites excrete toxic waste like formalin, isopropyl, alcohol, and formaldehyde. This toxin can lead to many health disorders and they can be dangerous if they circulate into the liver, kidney, or heart.

Where do I get Parasites?

Parasites can be anywhere in our food, air, water, and environment.

You can get them by sleeping with your dog, scooping cat litter, gardening, from children, sex, daycares, mold overgrowth, eating sushi, or just by touching a contaminated grocery cart.

Regularly Cleanse Your Gut

It is very important to regularly cleanse your gut and detoxify from these nutrient suckers that live on your body and are constantly leaving toxins inside of you.