Colon Hydrotherapy and cleanse

You may not think about your colon very much, our colon deals with much more than we realize. It is our sanitary system, it gets rid of a big part of our waste from our diet, processed foods, medications, and toxins. Our Digestion system is also very sensitive to emotion changes, stress can be strongly affect the colon’s overall function

Lifestyle practices to boost colon health

  • Colon Hydrotherapy
  • Managing stress
  • Regular exercice
  • Healthy diet
  • Massage, and other types of body work
  • Use of Healthy Cleaning Products

When your body has been neglected for years with poor diet and heavy medication it is essencial to clean it as part of restoring your health. It feels good to feel good.

Seasonal Cleansing 

Our body is an amazing machine and responds naturally to the seasons. Different cleanses work best during different times of the year. Cleansing can be about selecting the best produce and superfoods that target the specific organ or issue that we want to address. 

Fall Cleanse 

Food is an amazing base to detox

  • Fresh fruits and vegetables (cooked, juiced or raw) 
  • Chlorophyll powder added to smoothies or juices or water
  • Whole grain, squashes and other vegetables (avoid Cravings)
  • Garlic is your friend
  • Colon hydrotherapy / Colonics
  • Oxy- Powder (laxative) 
  • Probiotic
  • Herbs / Cleanses 

Water plays a very important role on detoxification. We need to increase the water intake during the cleansing times. I will suggest at list 10 glasses of water a day.

Fall is the time of the year that we go from the relaxed and carefree attitude of summer to a the more serious and introspection energy associated with Autumn. It is very healing to walk outside and connect with nature, Autumn is one of the most beautiful times of the year to do it.

October Fruits and Vegetable











Important Note:

If you travelled to exotic countries this summer, your intestines may be harbouring parasites. Mimosa Pudica together with colon Hydrotherapy are amazing to invite this creatures out of your body.

Colon Hydrotherapy

Every cell and tissue in our body is fed by the bloodstream, which is supplied by the bowel. When the bowel is dirty, the blood is dirty and so are the organs and tissues. It is the bowel that must be cared for first before any effective healing can take place.

— Dr. Bernard Jensen