Magnesium Gel – Restore vital magnesium and trace sea minerals
This smooth Magnesium Gel leaves your skin soft, supple & hydrated, and your hair silky. As a complete body and hair product, you can counteract signs of aging by restoring lost minerals.

Magnesium Gel will upgrade any skin care product, for women and men. Simply add Magnesium Gel to your moisturizing lotion & cream, massage oil, shampoo, conditioner, shaving gel or lubricant. You are limited only by your imagination.

The added seaweed extract gives you additional trace minerals from the sea, and is an excellent chelator for pulling radioactive toxins (such as iodine-131) from your body, which have taken the place of their non-radioactive counterparts. Iodine from the sea also helps balance your endocrine system, reproductive organs and your thyroid gland. This is more obvious in women because of different hormonal dynamics. Its secondary function is to regulate reproductive organs (ovaries & breasts in women, prostate in men). Adequate iodine intake will also result in much-improved muscular coordination, flexibility and strength, plus improved vision as the eye muscles loose their unwanted calcium that causes hardening and stiffness.

Purchase Magnesium Gel here $15.00 US plus S&H or order directly through Sofia.

Magnesium Oil

Magnesium oil can help alleviate joint pain & stiffness.
And it’s also an excellent treatment for skin conditions including resistant skin rashes.
Soften and smooth wrinkled skin, fade age spots and nourish sun damaged skin.
Used as a massage oil in physiotherapy and chiropractic applications.
And it’s also a wonderful food enhancer and a magical dental spray.

Spray on any area of concern as often as desired, to enhance your vitality and reverse the effects of aging, by stimulating regeneration.

Magnesium Oil is an extreme concentrate of the form of magnesium that is the keystone of cellular regeneration. We call it the “Fountain of Youth in a Bottle”.

An excellent means of absorbing critically needed magnesium and essential moisture for cellular regeneration. This liquid solution of magnesium chloride in Living Water gives immediate delivery and absorption into living cells.

Purchase Magnesium Oil here $12.50 US plus S&H or order directly through Sofia.