Persons who have never had a colon therapy treatment may be fearful or embarrassed to receive one. This is because they don’t know what to expect.

The usual colonic irrigation lasts about 45 minutes. All tubes are disposable. We use an FDA-approved colonic machine with a sophisticated water filtration system. After gentle insertion of the speculum max 2inches into the rectum, it is attached to two plastic tubes. One brings the clean, filtered water into the body and the other carries out the waste, gas, undigested foods, parasites, yeast, etc. The therapist then adjusts the water pressure (very gentle flow) and the temperature.

Since the colon is 5-6 feet in length and we administer the water very gently most clients need more than one session. It usually takes six to ten sessions before old fecal matter dislodges.

As old, unhealthy matter leaves the colon, the opportunity for the growth of important friendly bacteria increases. We often suggest that the client use a supplement of friendly flora in conjunction with the treatment series. We may also recommend other supplements such as fiber, enzymes, or a specific cleansing program to support you in your unique health journey.