How To Make A Green Smoothie


Green smoothies are quick and easy to make and only require a blender, a sharp knife and cutting board. Making a delicious smoothie with a thick, creamy texture is an art. They are also an amazing preparation for Colon hydrotherapy.

 Detox & Cleansing

All fruits and vegetables facilitate detox. Be sure to use only organic ingredients in your smoothie recipes, avoid animal products, dried foods and additional sweeteners during your detox and find a workout routine that works for you. When it comes to making the “ultimate” detox green smoothies, I use dandelion greens and citrus such as orange, grapefruit, lemon and lime.

If Need Sweetness

If you need a little sweetness to make it palatable, try adding a tablespoon of organic raw honey (keep it raw to keep the enzymes and nutrients in tact) or a few organic (pitted) dates. Just be mindful of how much sugar you’re adding. 6-10 drops of liquid stevia will also sweeten it up a bit without adding any extra sugar.

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