Improving your digestion will enhance your nutrient absorption and waste elimination, thereby energizing your immune system for overall increased health, vitality and healing.

Purchase Exsula Apple Fiber Here.

This very special high quality, pure apple fiber is naturally occurring, and extracted with minimal processing. Natural pectin is not removed, nor added back.

The peel and dried apple pulp are included, rich in soluble & insoluble apple fibers, with all the naturally occurring vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients and antioxidants retained.

Our ancestors believed the old proverb “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” but they probably didn’t understand why.

Nutritional scientists have researched for evidence to verify that apples are good for our health. And here’s what they found:

“An Apple a Day” is good for…

Improved digestive tract health
Loss of fat weight & belly inches – normalization of body shape
Instantly restored regularity – optimum intestinal, colon & lymphatic cleansing
Better results from water – cleansing of whole body & all systems
Fewer allergies
Steady reductions in heavy metal toxicity symptoms
More energy & sharper mind
Feel much better fed on much less food
Reduced spending on food
Lower cholesterol & blood pressure
Fewer & shorter colds & flu
Free-radicals simply eliminated from body
Apple Fiber Up, Equals Cancer & Heart Disease Down
Trimmer Body Shape through Cleansing & Keeping Your Colon on Schedule
Lower Blood Pressure through Naturally Scrubbing out Cholesterol
Radiant Beauty from Inside Out through Removal of Toxins

Easy to use, just add to juice, enrich a nutritious shake. Also delicious in bread and baked goods and a healthy addition to hot or cold cereals.

Purchase Exsula Apple Fiber Here.