Enrolment agreement – 265 hour Profissional Colon Hydrotherapy training

Prerequisites for Professional Level Course:

• Must have a high school diploma/GED, or equivalent

• Must have a current CPR card

• Each new student should have received 1-3 colonics prior to entering training

Length of Course: 265-hour course is divided into 200 hours of online coursework and 65 hours of in-person training at our facility.

Course Length: 200 hours of online coursework is self-paced with a max time limit of 6 months to complete. The 65-hour in-person training can be completed in no less than 7 days at our Pot Coquitlam training facility. In-person training may begin once you have completed 100 hours of online coursework. In-person training dates will be coordinated between student and instructor. 

Program Dates: Ongoing open enrollment.