When you come for colon Hydrotherapy, I don’t just give you a colonic. My clients and I spend our 45 minutes to an hour together talking and sharing. Invariably, their colon issues are tied to their emotional issues. Once we have a breakthrough there, the digestive systems work much better.

I have had so much success talking my clients through their emotional issues, that many have asked for more ways they can deal with their baggage. So i decided to take the EFT Advance Practitioner Certification and Matrix Reimprinting.

EFT is an emotional version of acupuncture except we don’t use needles, instead we address emotional issues. EFT Clears emotional issues at a deep level.

If we experience anger, grief, guilt or trauma this shows up Physically. When you start taking care of this emotional issues and do it correctly,  physical issues begin to subside as well.

Matrix Reimprinting

We have the Power to achieve our dreams.

All the shame, financial worries, stress and pain in our lives happened because of our past.

What if you could change the past?

Isn’t our reaction of what happened in the past what  that makes  us who we are and what we accomplish?

What if we can change how we react because of the past?  we will be free of that oppression.

It’s our reaction to what happened in the past that makes us who we are and what we accomplish. What if we can change how we react because of the past?. We will be free of those blocks. That is what is Matrix Reimprinting can do.

“Altering remembered thoughts could also liberate people imprisoned by anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder, addiction and more.” Discover magazine July 2009

We do our session via Skype or in My Fort Langley clinic.
Each session is 1:30 Hour.

To book please phone (778) 298 4325